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New Apple Watch heralds ‘smart healthcare’ revolution for aging societies
人口老化嚴重 國內外大廠佈局智慧醫療



在種種背景下,智慧醫療是必然之勢;因此全球廠商不論其專長是通訊、機械、製藥或3C,都在積極投入,蘋果當然也不缺席。上個月發表的Apple Watch,能支援心律檢測及手腕感應,這讓穿戴裝置邁進了一大步,從以往只能記錄心跳幾下,升級到可監測具有醫療價值的心律狀況。

蘋果不只推出上述的硬體新功能,也在建構生態系。去年它和史丹佛醫學中心合作啟動「Apple Heart Study」計畫,透過Apple Watch收集自願者的心律大數據。今年又與全美逾九十家醫院簽約,病人可透過手機看到自己的醫療紀錄,落實病歷帶著走。若成效良好,未來很可能產生滾雪球效應,擴及更多醫療機構。


Follow up讀後練習

Smart healthcare’ in Taiwan

Anumber of burgeoning “smart healthcare” projects are currently underway in Taiwan, including a partnership between Accton Technology Corp and Taipei Veterans General Hospital, as well as a collaboration between HTC Corp and Wanfang Hospital. Additionally, Leadtek Research Inc has created an integrated AI, big data and long-distance care smart medical treatment system.

Taiwan is fast becoming an aging society, putting a strain on the doctor-patient relationship and exacerbating the shortfall in doctors and nurses, which continues to worsen year-on-year. The need for “smart healthcare” has never been more urgent. However, relying on business alone to provide the necessary research and development and innovation may not be enough to solve the problem. The “smart healthcare” industry also has to surmount regulatory and human behavioral challenges in addition to other problems which will require a fresh government policy, rules and regulations, as well as a favorable environment for innovation.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)

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