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A: So remind me about the murder case in “Criminal Investigation.”

B: The victim was a man in his 30s. His body had been disfigured.

A: Grim. I guess that was to make it impossible to identify him.

B: That’s what the police suspected, and the autopsy determined the cause of death was strangulation.

A: 這讓我想起了《犯罪搜查》裡面提到的這起謀殺案。

B: 那位受害者是三十多歲的男性,遺體被毀損得很嚴重。

A: 太殘忍了。我想原因應該是為了讓別人無法辨識身份。

B: 這也正是警方懷疑的。後來驗屍報告則顯示死因是遭到勒斃。

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