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A: Hi, I want to buy a pair of running shoes.

B: Are you looking for any particular brand?

A: Not really, but this is the first time I’ve bought a pair of shoes specifically for running. What do you recommend?

B: First, are you looking for extra cushioning or are you prioritizing lightness?

A: 你好,我想買一雙慢跑鞋。

B: 請問您有特別想找哪一個牌子的鞋嗎?

A: 還好。不過這是我第一次特別為了跑步買鞋子,你會推薦哪些鞋款呢?

B: 首先,您要找的鞋子是要有額外的避震設計,還是以輕巧為優先考量呢?

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