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A: Hello, is this Fluffy Friends Pet Store? I’d like to buy a tarantula.

B: I’m sorry sir, I’m afraid we don’t sell tarantulas.

A: Oh, what a shame. I was hoping I could keep one as a pet to deal with the cockroaches in my house.

B: I’m afraid you’d need a special license for that. They’re poisonous you know.

A: 您好,請問是毛毛朋友寵物店嗎?我想買一隻大蘭多捕鳥蛛。

B: 先生不好意思,我們店裡沒有賣大蘭多捕鳥蛛哦。

A: 啊,真是太可惜了,我本來想說在家裡養一隻當寵物,來解決蟑螂的。

B: 您需要取得特別的執照才能飼養,畢竟你也知道它們是有毒的。

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