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A: Do you want to join us? We’re group buying “zang zang bao.” You can save NT$10 a piece.

B: “Zang zang bao?” Do you mean the chocolate bread, also known as “dirty bread,” with cocoa powder on the top?

A: Yeah, that’s right. This kind of bread has become really popular in Taiwan.

B: I’ve always wanted to try it. Count me in.

A: 你想和我們一起參加「髒髒包」的團購嗎?每個麵包可以省十元。

B: 「髒髒包」?你是說那種上面灑滿可可粉的巧克力麵包嗎?

A: 沒錯,這種麵包最近在台灣大受歡迎。

B: 我一直想試試,那就算我一份。

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