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“Dirty bread” becomes Taiwan’s new favorite snack
全台美食新潮流 「髒髒包」狂賣爆紅

A young girl displays “dirty bread” yesterday in New Taipei City’s Tamsui District.

Photo: Eddy Chang, Taipei Times

Haven’t you tried “zang zang bao” (literally “dirty bread”) yet? Then you may be failing to keep up with the latest trend. Originating from South Korean coffee shops, “dirty bread” has exploded in popularity in Taiwan in recent months. Bakeries across the country are trying to copy the item to attract business.

“Dirty bread” is actually a kind of chocolate bread with cocoa powder on the top, and the bread’s name comes from the fact that your hands and face will become messy from the cocoa powder when eating it. The snack is so appealing that singer Tanya Chua and some other artists have publicly posted their “dirty pictures” while eating it, and in doing so created a trend on social media.

As Mother’s Day gradually approaches, a bakery belonging to Mind-Farm Mental Development Center in Taitung County has also started to train people with mental disabilities to bake “dirty bread.” The bakery received over 100 orders on the first day of sale.

(CNA and Liberty Times, translated by Eddy Chang)






dirty bread phr.

髒髒包(zang1 zang1 bao1)

originate v.

起源(qi3 yuan2)

bakery n.


(hong1 bei4 fang1; mian4 bao1 dian4)

cocoa powder phr.


(ke2 ke2 fen3)

messy adj.


(ang1 zang1 de5)

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