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A: Lately, I get stomachache whenever I feel hungry.

B: Really? Does it hurt as soon as you get hungry, or does it hurt after a while?

A: At first it didn’t start immediately, but now it’s the minute I get hungry.

B: It could be a stomach ulcer. You should get it checked out at the hospital as soon as possible.

A: 我最近只要肚子餓就會胃痛。

B: 是喔,是一餓就會痛嗎?還是餓一陣子才會痛?

A: 本來是餓一陣子才會痛,但是現在是一餓就痛。

B: 說不定是胃潰瘍。趕快去醫院做個檢查吧。

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