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Swallow Chang shocks music industry by selling Forward Music
張小燕出售豐華唱片 震驚音樂界

TV show hostess Swallow Chang receives the Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of her late husband Peng Kuo-hua at the Golden Melody Awards on July 2, 2014.

Photo: Hu Shuan-shiang, Liberty Times

Taiwan’s Forward Music, established 22 years ago, was sold on Sept. 1 in a surprise deal confirmed by former company chairwoman and TV show hostess Swallow Chang. The company was reportedly sold to Tony Huang, former general manager of the Gold Typhoon Group.

Forward Music was jointly founded by Chang and her late husband Peng Kuo-hua in 1995. Chang wrote in a letter to the staff, “I had no choice but to sell the company due to accumulating debt. . . It was a painful and heartbreaking decision.”

Artists on the label have included pop diva Chang Hui-mei, also known as A-mei, hit singers FeiFei Ouyang, Julie Sue, Stella Chang and late singer Tom Chang. Sources in the music industry estimate the deal is worth between NT$300 million and NT$500 million. The rights to A-mei’s early songs are the company’s most valuable assets.(Liberty Times, translated by Eddy Chang)






1. chairwoman

n. (女)董事長

(dong3 shi4 zhang3)

2. hostess

n. (女)主持人

(zhu3 chi2 ren2)

3. general manager

n. 總經理

(zong3 jing1 li3)

4. valuable

adj. 值錢的

(zhi2 qian2 de5)

5. rights

n. 版權;著作權

(ban3 quan2; zhu4 zuo4 quan2)

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