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A: I’ve been preparing for a TOEFL test recently, and I’m looking for someone to practice my spoken English with. Are you interested?

B: Haven’t you already taken the TOEFL?

A: I didn’t do too well, and my spoken was the worst. I want to give it another go.

B: My spoken English isn’t that good, either. I don’t think practicing with me would be of much help.

A: 我最近在準備托福考試,想找個人跟我一起練習英文口說。你有興趣嗎?

B: 你不是已經考過托福了嗎?

A: 我考得不太好,口說分數很低,所以我想重考。

B: 我的英文口說也不太好,跟我練習應該沒什麼幫助吧。

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