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Chimei Museum exhibiting Japanese masterpieces
奇美博物館 日本茶道名品特展

Japanese early 17th century Mino ware Oribe style dish with grass pattern.

Photo: CNA

Tainan’s Chimei Museum has curated a special exhibition, Omotenashi — Ceramics for Feasting and Enjoying the Tea Ceremony, selected ceramic masterpieces on loan from Japan’s Seikado Bunko Art Museum. It is the first time in the Japanese museum’s 125-year history that an extensive collection of its exhibits have been displayed abroad.

Chimei Museum says that Japanese cuisine, which is eaten and appreciated around the world, is registered by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, and many members of the public will have sipped from a bowl of fragrant matcha tea or enjoyed Japanese cuisine. However, drinking matcha tea is just one element of Japanese tea culture, and cha-kaiseki, kaiseki-ryori and kaiseki-ryori (written using different Japanese characters) — forms of Japanese haute cuisine — are all uniquely different.

The Seikado Bunko Art Museum includes a library and a museum from which approximately 100 tea-making objects and utensils have been selected for inclusion in Chimei Museum’s special exhibition.

According to Chimei Museum, some of the priceless objects on display will include an early 17th century Mino ware Oribe style dish with grass pattern; an exquisite set of clay teapots known as the “Jingxi Eight Immortals;” and a Raku ware tea cup, made in the style prefered by legendary Japanese tea master, Sen no Rikyu.

In addition, the museum has painstakingly created a traditional Japanese teahouse so that visitors to the exhibition can feel the spirit of a Japanese tea ceremony.

Omotenashi — Ceramics for Feasting and Enjoying the Tea Ceremony opened to the public last Friday and will continue until Nov. 12.

(CNA, translated by Edward Jones)


1. ceramic adj.

陶瓷 (tao2 ci2)

2. masterpiece n.

名品 (ming2 pin3)

3. cultural heritage phr.

文化遺產 (wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3)

4. painstakingly adv.

精心 (jing1 xin1)








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