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The Teenage Psychic final episode achieves highest rating on PTS
「通靈少女」大結局 創公視最高紀錄

A charm is placed on the forehead of actress Kuo Shu-yao, nicknamed Yao Yao, in the hit TV drama The Teenage Psychic.

Photo courtesy of HBO Asia
照片︰HBO Asia提供

The final episode of The Teenage Psychic — a six-episode series jointly produced by Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS) and HBO — recently achieved an average rating of 4.4 points. It is the highest rated drama on PTS since the launch of the station in 1998 and was the number one program nationwide on the day of the episode.

The Teenage Psychic, which stars actress Kuo Shu-yao, nicknamed Yao Yao, is about a 16-year-old high school girl born with the ability to see spirits. The girl studies at school in the daytime while working at a temple as a psychic helping followers deal with their problems at night. Her life finally changes when she meets an optimistic transfer student at school who loves to smile.

The leading role was partially based on the story of Taiwanese psychic called Sophia. The hit drama is HBO’s first original series in Mandarin and it has received positive feedback in other Asian countries. The series is currently being rerun on PTS.

(CNA, translated by Eddy Chang)






1. teenage adj.


(qing1 shao4 nian2 de5)

2. psychic n.


(ling2 mei2; wu1 shi1)

3. series n.


(lian2 xu4; xi4 lie4)

4. rating n.


(shou1 shi4 lu4)

5. spirit n.


(ling2 hun2; gui3 hun2)

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