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A: Did you know that if you put hot food into plastic bags they will release toxins?

B: That is true, but take-out stores always put the food straight into plastic bags, there’s really not much I can do about it.

A: You could always bring your own steel food container. It’s both environmentally friendly and healthier.

B: That’s not a bad idea.

A: 你知道把熱食放進塑膠袋裡會產生有毒物質嗎?

B: 是沒錯,但買外帶的時候店家都直接用塑膠袋裝,我也沒辦法。

A: 你可以自己帶一個不鏽鋼的小提鍋啊,這樣環保又健康。

B: 這倒是一個好主意。

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