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A : There are four of us, but the restaurant only gave us three discount vouchers, how should we divvy them up?

B : Let’s play the finger-guessing game to make it fair.

A : There’s no need, I won’t take one. I live quite far away, so even if I had a voucher I wouldn’t come all that way.

B : Are you sure? These vouchers never expire and can be used at other locations.

A : 我們有四個人,但餐廳只給了我們三張折價券,該怎麼分配好?

B : 用猜拳的吧,這樣比較公平。

A : 不用猜了,我棄權。我住比較遠,就算有折價券,我也不會大老遠來這裡吃飯。

B : 你確定嗎?這張折價券是永久有效的,而且在其他分店也可以使用。

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