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A:There are so many devices you can get online with nowadays, but many pages only work on Internet Explorer. What a pain.

B:Huh. Perhaps the people writing the pages only use Internet Explorer.

A:Don’t they browse those sites using their smart phones? Most smart phones can’t use Internet Explorer.

B:No idea. Some things in this world change very quickly, others not so much.

A : 現在3C產品那麼多,都可上網,偏偏有些網站只能用Internet Explorer開。真的是有夠討厭的。

B : 嗯,或許寫網站的人都只用Internet Explorer。

A : 難道那些人都不用手機上網?大部分的手機可沒辦法使用Internet Explorer。

B : 不知道耶。這個世界某些方面來說進步得很快,某些方面來說又很慢。

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