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Virtual reality, robots and the cloud

ASUS’ first home service robot Zenbo is exhibited at a press conference in Taipei on June 10.

Photo courtesy of ASUS

The InnoVEX innovation and start-up section at this year’s Computex Taipei provided a stage for start-up teams and major manufacturers from home and abroad to showcase their innovative technologies.

HTC Corp used its Vive virtual reality (VR) system to demonstrate a number of VR applications and games, some developed by its in-house innovation team and others in conjunction with international partners. As well as the shooting games that one would generally expect, other applications that had visitors gasping in amazement included Birdly VR, which lets you soar into the sky like an eagle, and the Holodia VR fitness system, on this occasion combined with a rowing machine. Besides these, visitors’ eyes also lit up at the sight of mixed reality projections that transport the user’s real-body image into virtual worlds.

Taiwanese start-up company NextDrive exhibited its accessibly priced Cube Plug with a set of applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and home use. The hub unit — the Cube Plug itself — is only as big as a charger but can be connected to a wide range of USB devices, including accessories such as the Cam wide-angle night-vision camera, Motion Pixi motion detector and Thermo Pixi temperature and humidity detector. All you need to do is plug them in and the Cube instantly turns into an intelligent host unit for IoT, smart home and personal cloud solutions, allowing you to keep an eye on your home at any time.

ASUS’ adorable home robot Zenbo, the first such product from ASUS, also drew a lot of wows. Defined as a home service provider, Zenbo can provide functions including assistance, entertainment and company to the whole family. It can move independently, hear and obey verbal commands and provide everyday reminders on its own initiative. It also has an inbuilt camera and can connect to and control many kinds of home electric appliances and detectors.


1. in-house adj.

內部 (nei4 bu4)

例:The product catalogue will be designed by our in-house design team.


2. cloud n.

雲;雲端 (yun2; yun2 duan1)

例: There are plenty of cloud storage services to choose from.


3. inbuilt adj.

內建 (nei4 jian4)

例: The dashboard has an inbuilt compass.


(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)


宏達國際電子利用其研發的虛擬實境系統Vive來展出由內部新創團隊以及與國際合作夥伴共同開發的多款虛擬實境應用遊戲。除了一般人可以想到的射擊類遊戲外,可以讓你像老鷹一樣在天空飛翔的Birdly VR,以及結合划船機的Holodia虛擬實境健身都讓人嘖嘖稱奇。而將體驗者的真人影像帶入虛擬世界的混合實境畫面,也讓人眼睛一亮。

來自台灣的新創公司聯齊科技展示了價格親民的「Cube小方微管家」物聯網居家應用組合。主機Cube只有像充電器一樣大小,但可搭配多種USB裝置,包括Cam廣角夜視攝影機、Motion Pixi動作感應精靈、Thermo Pixi溫濕感應精靈等配件,只要插上插座,就能瞬間變身智能居家與私人雲的物聯網智慧主機,讓你隨時監測家中狀況。



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