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A : Don’t you think that stuffed Minion in that crane machine is cute?

B : Well, yes, it is. Do you want to see if you can get it?

A : I’ve tried with these things many times and I never get anything.

B : Let me have a go. I’m usually a bit cack-handed, but I’m a deft hand when it comes to crane machines.

A : 不覺得那個夾娃娃機裡的小小兵的布偶很可愛嗎?

B : 是蠻可愛的。你不去夾夾看?

A : 我夾過好幾次了,但每次都失敗。

B : 那我來試試看。我平時雖然笨拙,但其實還挺擅長夾娃娃的。

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