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“I will forever protect your right to be yourself.”

A rainbowized picture of Sam Yang, right, and his wife Enno Cheng is posted on the couple’s Facebook pages.

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook

Fire Ex main vocalist Sam Yang’s wife, Enno Cheng, came out of the closet on Sunday, which was a shock to many people. Immediately, Yang posted a status update on Facebook to voice his support, in which he mentioned their wedding vows. Although the update was short, it moved a great many netizens.

Yang said on Facebook that, “One day after we got married, Enno honestly told me about her ‘struggle with self-identification.’ Since then, we have held hands and faced this matter together. After repeated communication and confirmation, we know that our most difficult days have passed. We are doing very well at present.”

Yang also said that, “Over the past nine years, we have been deeply in love with each other. This love is not going to disappear in the future, it will just cease to exist in the name of romantic love. I will never forget my wedding vow to her: ‘I will forever protect Enno’s right to be herself.’ I will continue to be her strongest support in life. I am also very proud of our candor and courage.”

When she came out, Cheng explained, “Since childhood, my sexual orientation has been filled with ambiguity. I was in love with some very marvellous souls, but when it came to persons of the opposite sex, I always failed at the test of physicality; physical contact was stressful to me. After months of repeated communication, we have come to accept the fact that I cannot fall in love with his body, but that he is not to blame. (I feel shy to say this, but he has a great body. No kidding.) The reason is that I like the female body.”

After reading this news, exiled Chinese democracy activist Wang Dan said that “Yang’s attitude when he was faced with his wife’s coming out and divorce shows us what is true tolerance and what is true love. Love does not have to be defined by constructs such as marriage. Love is letting others be themselves.”


1. wedding vow phr.

結婚誓言 (jie2 hun1 shi4 yan2)

例: He invested his heart and soul when writing his wedding vows to his partner.


2. communication n.

溝通 (gou1 tong1)

例: If you can learn to listen, you will understand that sometimes, communication does not require words, .


3. sexual orientation phr.

性傾向 (xing4 qing3 xiang4)

例: She teaches students to accept and respect other people’s sexual orientation.


Wang added that, “I hope the Alliance of Religious Groups for the Love of Families Taiwan will take a good look at this and reflect upon themselves so that they can realize just how distasteful and narrow-minded they actually are.”

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)








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