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A: Did you write your paper yourself? You didn’t copy from someone else?

B: I wrote it myself. I referred to lots of materials and when I used someone else’s ideas, I cited them properly.

A: Oh, the style of this report is very different from your other reports.

B: How can you even ask that? I spent ages on this report.

A: 你的報告是你自己寫的嗎?有沒有抄襲別人的東西?

B: 是我自己寫的。寫的過程中我有參考很多資料,但只要是借用別人想法的部分,我都有標明出處。

A: 嗯,這篇報告和你之前交的報告的風格差蠻多的。

B: 你這樣懷疑我讓我很難過。我花了很大的心血寫這篇報告。

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