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Jolin Tsai on Lezs cover

Asian pop icon Jolin Tsai appears on the cover of lesbian magazine Lezs.

Photo courtesy of Lezs

Lezs, which claims to be Asia’s most influential lesbian magazine, has picked “influence” as its theme for October, the month in which Taiwan’s gay parade takes place each year. In this issue, influential Taiwanese women from different fields are invited to talk about women’s and gender topics. In particular, Asian pop queen Jolin Tsai was invited to appear in the cover photo, since her influence echoes the theme of the month.

Besides Tsai, who has just been named “Icon of The Year” in this year’s Asia LGBT Milestone Awards, Jennifer Lu and Miao Po-ya, as Taiwan’s first legislative candidates to reveal their lesbian identities, award-winning film director Wang Hsiao-ti and artist Kristy Chu, who has the courage to think outside the box, have all been invited to share their thoughts on gay and gender equality topics in the October issue.

This is Tsai’s first appearance on Lezs’ cover. With her influence across Asia, she is once again speaking out for the gay community. Since 2012, she has signed a petition to pass a bill for diverse family formation, released her 2012 album Muse, featuring Dr Jolin and Fantasy, and released her 2014 album Play, featuring We’re All Different, Yet The Same and Gentlewomen, dedicated to the gay community and voicing her support for the gender equality movement. Her Play album even won the Best Mandarin Album in this year’s Golden Melody Awards. Over the years, she has used her vast influence to show her support for the gay rights movement.

Just before this October’s Taipei gay parade takes place, Tsai is featured on the cover of Lezs. Interviewed by the magazine, she says, “We have to give opponents some time to think about the matter. After all, everyone has different views about what love is.” She also said that currently her idea about marriage is to let nature take its course. When asked how she would feel if her child were gay, she responded with an open mind, “I would be a mother who is open to all kinds of possibilities.” In the interview, she used many of her personal experiences to encourage all girls to be themselves as much as they can, go beyond society’s mindframe of what beauty is, and live life to the prettiest in their own ways.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)


1. lesbian n.

女同志 (nu3 tong2 zhi4)

例: I know my best friend is a lesbian, but that does not affect our friendship one bit.


2. icon n.

偶像 (ou3 xiang4)

例: My mother never forbids me to worship icons, because she has more icons to worship than I do.


3. gay community phr.

同志族群 (tong2 zhi4 zu2 qun2)

例: Although he is not gay, he is a human rights activist for the gay community.




蔡依林首度登上同志雜誌《Lezs》封面,以她跨足全亞洲的影響力,再次為同志族群發聲。從2012年簽署多元成家連署,到2012《Muse》專輯中的〈Dr. Jolin〉、〈迷幻〉,及2014《呸》專輯中的〈不一樣又怎樣〉與〈第二性〉等獻給同志們的作品,傳達對多元性別運動的支持。今年蔡依林更以新專輯《呸》勇奪金曲獎「最佳國語專輯」,歷年來多次以強大影響力挺身支持同志運動。



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