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He has the size but she practices taekwondo
壯碩通緝犯公園拒捕 女警四招制伏

Police officer Yu Meng-yang, left, demonstrates how she uses taekwondo to capture wanted criminals in Taipei on September 5.

Photo: Huang Chieh, Liberty Times

When officers Yen Shih-che and Yu Meng-yang of Sanchong Precinct’s Houde Police Station in New Taipei City performed their patrol duty around 7pm on Sept. 3, they saw a bulky man and three other men speaking in loud voices in a park, occasionally making big body movements. Fearing that a conflict might take place, they approached the men to find out what was going on.

The bulky man was surnamed Wu, aged 30, and did not have any identification documents with him. However, after he gave his full name, the officers found out he was wanted by the police. The officers told him directly that, “You are wanted.” They then took out their handcuffs to arrest Wu, who shouted, “Not a chance!” He refused to cooperate and waved his arms around several times to avoid being handcuffed as if he were performing taichi with the officers, a scene that caused a lot of passers-by to stop and watch.

Wu had the physical advantage of being 180cm tall and weighing 120kg, but he was confronted with Yu, an award winner in the taekwondo category in the National High School Games and the Presidents Cup and a third-degree black belt taekwondo practitioner. Wu was no match for Yu, who effortlessly had him handcuffed in just four moves. The two officers then took him back to the police station, and after questioning, Wu was transported to New Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)





1. bulky adj. 壯碩 (zhuang4 shuo4)

例: We need some bulky men to move these sofas.


2. cooperate v. 配合 (pei4 he2)

例: Their engineers cooperated with the city of Munich in installing a safer and faster operating system on the computers.


3. passer-by n. 路過民眾;路人 (lu4 guo4 min2 zhong4, lu4 ren2)

例: We are not here to demonstrate; we are just passers-by.



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