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An old man and his young helpers

Schoolchildren in Yilan County’s Wujie Township on Aug. 4 help clean the house and yard of an elderly man surnamed Huang.

PhotoS courtesy of the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation

86-year-old Grandpa Huang lives all by himself in a remote seaside area of Yilan County’s Wujie Township. Because he has dementia and osteoporosis, he can barely take care of himself. Until recently, his house was covered with thick layers of dust and greasy stains and the floor was very grimy. On August 4, the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation asked 10 schoolchildren from Lize Elementary School to put their summer vacation to meaningful use by rolling up their sleeves and helping Grandpa Huang clean his house.

Grandpa Huang is unwell and his mind is sometimes clear and sometimes less so, which all makes housekeeping very difficult for him. Social welfare groups have been involved in caring for him since 2010, relying on social workers to keep him company and chat with him every day to alleviate his dementia. On Aug. 4, schoolchildren from Lize Elementary School visited Grandpa Huang to help him clean his house. The children wiped and scrubbed the floor and walls assiduously until the grimy kitchen and dusty floor were spotless.

A rare smile appeared on Grandpa Huang’s face as he patted the children on the shoulders to express his gratitude. The foundation’s Li Pei-chen said that this summer vacation assignment would definitely leave an indelible impression on the children and be much more rewarding than staying at home playing video games.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)





1. roll up one’s sleeves phr.


(juan2 qi3 yi1 xiu4; zhun3 bei4 gong1 zuo4)

例: He rolled up his sleeves and began cleaning the machines.


2. alleviate v.

舒緩;減輕 (shu1 huan3; jian3 qing1)

例: We are here to help alleviate the pain of your breakup.


3. assiduously adv.

認真的 (ren4 zhen1 de5)

例: I always read my comic books assiduously.



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