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Taiwanese scouts’ airport jamboree

Scout group members from Mingdao High School in Taichung attend the World Scout Jamboree in Yamaguchi, Japan at the end of last month.

Photo courtesy of Mingdao High School

As Typhoon Soudelor lashed Taiwan on Aug. 7 and 8, Taoyuan International Airport had to cancel some flights, and this led to a large group of travelers being caught at Fukuoka Airport in Japan. There were media reports that members of the public had complained that the Taiwanese scouts who represented Taiwan at the World Scout Jamboree were loud and playing around noisily and their disorderly conduct caused some Japanese people to shake their heads and complain, and Taiwanese travelers said that “they were simply embarrassing Taiwan in front of the whole world.”

According to a report in the Apple Daily, a Taiwanese traveler surnamed Yu complained to the newspaper that the scouts, who represented Taiwan at the World Jamboree in Yamaguchi Prefecture, were running around in the gate area at Fukuoka Airport, playing loudly and causing a disturbance. She added that they sang loudly on the plane and recorded videos. Not only that, but the teacher leading them did not stop all this impolite behavior, which caused the Japanese in the area to shake their heads and complain and wonder why Taiwanese were so noisy, Yu said, and some who were unable to tolerate all the noise told them to stop.

The international department of the General Association of the Scouts of China said that the impact of the typhoon caused the flight to be delayed by one day, and that the waiting hall was in a chaos. According to the organization, the students were playing around to kill time and that was what caused the behavior that disturbed the other passengers. The reason why the accompanying adults did not stop them, the organization said, was that they understood and forgave the children’s mood, but they also said that that there was indeed some inappropriate behavior that had made a bad impression on other passengers. The organization added that scouts wearing uniforms representing Taiwan had left a negative impression of the country abroad and that in future it would improve its briefings on related points for attention.

(Liberty Times, translated by Perry Svensson)


1. disorderly conduct n. phr.

脫序行為 (tuo1 xu4 xing2 wei2)

例: They were thrown out of the movie theater because of their disorderly conduct.


2. impolite adj.

失禮 (shi1 li3)

例: It was very impolite to start eating before the host arrived.


3. kill time phr.

打發時間 (da3 fa1 shi2 jian1)

例: They were really bored so they had to find a way to kill time.






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