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Hairstyles go high-tech
智慧髮型臉型搭配 可先變變看

A student from Chihlee Institute of Technology’s Department of Commerce Technology and Management demonstrates a face-shape analysis and hairstyle-matching system in Taipei on Thursday last week.

Photo: Lai Hsiao-tung, Liberty Times

Most people tend to refer to fashion magazines when they visit a salon for a haircut, but the way people look after changing their hairstyle is often very different from what it looks like on a model. Students at the Chihlee Institute of Technology have designed and developed a smart face-shape analysis and hairstyle-matching system. This software can analyze the shape of a face and the proportions of its features and make suggestions for matching hairstyles, and its inventors have obtained a patent for it.

Lee Chi, a graduate from Chihlee Institute of Technology’s Department of Commerce Technology and Management, says that the program uses image-processing technology. When you enter a photograph into the system, it can automatically analyze the shape of a person’s face and the proportions of its features, match it with suitable hairstyles and simulate the finished style before it is done. It does facial positioning automatically and is easy to operate, making it suitable for use by beginners. Lee says that his team has signed a technology transfer agreement with the Showlin Salon group.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)





1. salon n. 美容院 (mei3 rong2 yuan4)

例: She spent three hours in the salon getting her hair dyed and chatting with the hairdresser.


2. patent n. 專利 (zhuan1 li4)

例: I regret not getting a patent for my invention.


3. enter v. 輸入 (shu1 ru4)

例: When I entered my interests and experience, the program said I should become a magician.


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