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Trainee cop nets gun carrying drug addict
警專女實習生眼尖 助破槍毒案

Trainee policewoman at Litan police station, Hsu Chien-chin, poses for a photo in Nantou County’s Puli Township on August 2.

Photo: Tung Chen-kuo, Liberty Times

Police sergeant Pan Fu-ming, officer Ku Hsien-sheng and trainee Hsu Chien-chin of Litan police station were recently carrying out night patrol duties in Nantou County’s Puli Township when they spotted a suspicious-looking hatchback car at a car park on Jhongshan Road, Section 1. A male, surnamed Chen, standing by the car, returned to hide inside the car on seeing the police. There seemed to be something unusual about his eyes, which attracted the attention of the police and led them to question him.

“Sergeant, there appears to be a syringe next to the driver’s seat.” The sharp-eyed Hsu realized something was not right and immediately issued a warning. The two police officers at once prevented Chen from driving off. First they found two syringes next to the driver’s seat, used for injecting drugs. Next, from Chen’s bag below the driver’s seat they found heroin and amphetamines — totalling six bags altogether — a bong, a modified pistol, three bullets and two unassembled gun barrels. Chen and his possessions were taken to the police station for investigation and interrogation.

Chen was brought to justice under the Controlling Guns, Ammunition Act and the Firearms and Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, while further investigation was carried out to establish the origin of the firearm and whether it was involved in another case.

Police sergeant Pan Fu-ming singled out Hsu for praise, saying that — just as her name implies — she is extremely prudent and careful. Hsu, smiling, said it was her first firearm and narcotics case and that she was both nervous and excited. Hsu also thanked her senior officer and officer Ku for their guidance and advice.

(Liberty Times, Translated By Edward Jones)


1. suspicious-looking adj. phr.

形跡可疑 (xing2 ji1 ke3 yi2)

例: The suspicious-looking man appeared to be concealing an object underneath his coat.


2. modify v.

改造 (gai3 zao4)

例: Peter’s modified scooter has blue lights and colored stripes.


3. origin n.

來源 (lai2 yuan2)

例: The origin of the Japanese language is still a mystery to this day.






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