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New Taipei City strays find new leash on life
新北動物之家狗狗 變身梨山果園守護犬

A stray dog is seen in this photo provided by the New Taipei City Animal Protection Office.

Photo courtesy of the New Taipei City Animal Protection Office

Mrs Hsu’s orchard in Lishan, Taichung, mainly produces premium-priced fruit such as honey peaches, honey apples and snow pears. The Animal Protection Office arranges group buys from her, and when the office happened to find out that Hsu was having difficulties, it suggested she take on guard dogs for the orchard, in what became the first example of New Taipei City trained strays being used as orchard guard dogs outside the area.

According to Hsu, macaques band together and roam around, and often there will be 10 or so stealing fruit, and this will sometimes even attract boars, who will come and destroy the orchard. The valuable produce often gets ruined at the hands of this group of uninvited guests.

In order to drive the monkeys out, Hsu has tried patrols and even firecrackers as a deterrent, but all to no avail, leaving her angry and at a loss as to what to do.

After she introduced 10 guard dogs into the orchard, however, every time the monkeys wanted to make a raid, the dogs, territorial by nature, reacted subconsciously and chased after them, barking, and the monkeys, scared, fled.

Since March, New Taipei City has been promoting a zero euthanasia policy, implementing various pet adoption channels, including training sentry dogs and guard dogs, and opening up the nine animal shelters throughout the city for members of the public who need them to go and adopt them.

(Liberty Times, Translated By Paul Cooper)






1. uninvited guest n. phr.

不速之客 (bu2 su4 zhi1 ke4)

例: There is an uninvited guest in the house, mother is not very happy.


2. to no avail phr.

徒勞無功 (tu2 lao2 wu2 gong1)

例: David tried many different ways, all to no avail.

(大衛試過好幾種不同的方法, 結果一切都徒勞無功。)

3. at a loss phr.

無奈 (wu2 nai4)

例: Whenever he started reading he became all dizzy. He felt frustrated and at a loss.

(他每次開始看書時就頭昏腦脹, 覺得又挫折又無奈。)



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