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The shocking truth behind the missing knickers
小婦入廁內褲不見了 真相令她崩潰

A young woman, wanting to go out to get her dinner, was suddenly caught short. The problem was, there was only one bathroom in the house, and her husband was inside sitting on the toilet, so she had no choice but to squat in the shower. In the end, however, she decided it would be better to go and use the toilet in the nearby convenience store.

As she was getting ready to put on her pants and walk out the door, she discovered that her underwear had gone missing. As she was worried that the ready-meal store was about to close, she frantically started looking around. She lifted up her pants, but her knickers weren’t underneath; she checked the sofa, but they weren’t there, either. Had she dropped them on the floor? She got down on the floor, but couldn’t see them. Had she taken them into the bathroom? She went in and asked her husband, but he said he hadn’t seen them.

She could only put on another pair and rush out of the house. The strange thing was, when she got onto the street, people kept looking at her, all the way until she had bought her ready-meal, when the store owner said to her: “Miss, in a minute have a look at your hat, and see if there is anything swinging back and forth up there.” It was only when she got back that she discovered her knickers had got stuck in her hood. How embarrassing.

(Liberty Times, Translated By Paul Cooper)






1. to be caught short v. phr.

突然很想尿尿 (tu1 ran2 hen3 xiang3 niao4 niao4)

例: The interview this morning was a nightmare. I got caught short halfway through and had to ask to leave.


2. squat v.

蹲 (dun1)

例: The student had to squat in the same position for 30 minutes.


3. frantically adv.

瘋狂地 (feng1 kuang2 de5)

例: I thought I had lost my wallet, and frantically checked my pockets.


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