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Protecting the right to hunt

Members of the Beinan, Bunun and Paiwan peoples send smoke signals to make their voices heard and protect their culture at the Beinan Papulu Tribe on Feb 23.

Photo: Wang Hsiu-ting, Liberty Times

Late last year, the Papulu People of Pinnyumayan were arrested and detained by police during their hunting festival, Mangayaw. On Feb. 23, people from 10 Pinnyumayan tribes and representatives from the Paiwan, Bunun and Seediq peoples gathered at the Papulu Tribe in Taitung County and practiced the ritual of sending smoke signals and firing guns in a bid to make their voices heard and protect the Indigenous peoples’ cultural rights.

Father Tai Ming-hsiung, a representative of the Lalalulan People of Paiwan, said that this was not a single problem of a particular tribe, and that the government has not educated itself about the Indigenous culture. As a result, the police find the hunting ritual of the Indigenous culture a likely violation of the law, and make arrests to meet their performance requirements. Tai says that all the Indigenous peoples from various villages should participate in the protests to educate the government. Father Kavas, a representative of the Bunun people, shouted with fury that the Indigenous peoples should express their determination to obtain autonomy by not voting in next year’s presidential and legislative elections.

Lin Chih-hsing, convener of the Pinnyumayan people’s national council, said the lack of understanding of the Pinnyumayan people in the society concerns the tribes when they engage in their cultural activities and pursue their own traditions, which shows that the indigenous peoples lack an autonomous system and the political resource to govern themselves in today’s society. That is why the Indigenous people are practicing the ritual of sending smoke signals to express their vehement protest to the government.


1. representative n.

代表 (dai4 biao3)

例: Legislators are the public’s elected representatives.


2. determination n.

決心 (jue2 xin1)

例: He will never get anywhere, he completely lacks determination.


3. autonomy n.

自主 (zi4 zhu3)

例: You need personal freedom to be able to make autonomous decisions.


(Wang Hsiu-ting, Liberty Times. Translated by Perry Svensson)





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