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Brittle bone sufferer overcomes life’s hurdles
成骨不全症患者不出門 自學電腦成專家

Huang Shih-chi, left, who has brittle bone disease, pictured in Greater Kaohsiung on Dec. 3, became an expert in computers through home study.

Photo: Hung Ting-hung, Liberty Times

Five years ago, 35-year-old brittle bone disease sufferer Huang Shih-chi was placed into the care of the Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation after his father passed away. For the 30 years leading up to this, he had only been out of the house when he had to visit the doctor for medical treatment, although he had been able to study the computer by himself at home, becoming a computer expert. Not only can he instruct others how to assemble computers, he has also written for computer technology magazines, and lives a very positive, optimistic life.

Huang says that despite it being difficult for him to get around he has never really thought of himself as a disabled person, and has always just taken things as they come, wanting to sit in on university classes to learn more specialist knowledge.

Both Huang and his older brother have brittle bone disease. Ten years ago, their father bought a computer and installed Internet access for the two brothers. Although neither had been to school, they were nevertheless able to glean a lot of new information from the Web, to learn the skills to teach others how to assemble computers and even to discuss computing products. This won them the high regard of magazines, and they became writers.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)




(自由時報記者洪定宏 )


1. brittle bone disease n. phr.

成骨不全症 (cheng2 gu3 bu4 quan2 zheng4)

例: Around 100,000 people in the country suffer from brittle bone disease.


2. think of yourself as... v. phr.

把自己當作 (ba3 zi4 ji3 dang1 zuo4)

例: I’ve come to think of myself as a pretty good swimmer.


3. high regard n. phr.

青睞 (qing1 lai4)

例: Her perfomance on the job won her the high regard of her bosses.


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