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French magazine fined for comparing minister to monkey
把部長比成猴 法國雜誌被罰錢

French justice minister Christiane Taubira is pictured in La Rochelle, western France on Aug. 31.

Photo: Reuters

A Paris court handed down the fine to Jean-Marie Molitor, boss of the Minute weekly for making insulting racist statements in public. In November, the weekly featured on its front cover a picture of Justice Minister Christiane Taubira with headlines that read: “Crafty as a monkey” and “Taubira gets her banana back.” The text was deliberately ambiguous: the term “crafty as a monkey” in French can be used as praise while getting your banana back is roughly the equivalent of recovering the spring in your step.

Taubira herself described the newspaper’s words as “extremely violent” and “denying she belonged to the human race.” The provocative cover page was an obvious reference to two other cases of Taubira being publicly likened to a monkey, incidents which sparked outrage in France amid a perceived surge in intolerance. Judges ruled that in this context, the magazine must have been aware that they were “reviving the argument rather than calming it” and that “reiterating these allusions to a primate could even been seen as an additional provocation.”

(Courtesy of Liberty Times)





1. hand down v.

正式宣佈 (zheng4 shi4 xuan1 bu4)

例: The judge handed down a sentence of 25 years.


2. (walk with/have) a spring in your step phr.

雀躍邁步 (que4 yue4 mai4 bu4)

例: He had a spring in his step as he walked into the office. (他以雀躍步伐走進辦公室。)

3. reference n.

提及;參考 (ti2 ji2; can1 kao3)

例: I made a reference to you in my speech last night.


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