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Takeshi Kaneshiro tree sprogs! Farmer grows three saplings from toppled tree

The Takeshi Kaneshiro tree, blown over by Typhoon Matmo, has been replanted, and is still recovering. A farmer has successfully grown three saplings from seeds retrieved from the site on the day the tree toppled. Now people are saying the Takeshi Kaneshiro tree has had offspring.

Photo: Wang Hsiu-ting, Liberty Times

When the “Takeshi Kaneshiro” tree was blown over by Typhoon Matmo on July 23, a farmer surnamed Chen from Taitung city was worried that the tree might die, and went to the site that day, retrieving some Bishop wood seeds from the field to grow. The farmer successfully cultivated three saplings, and shared the good news on Facebook. One person joked that “the Takeshi Kaneshiro tree has had kids,” and there were many offers to adopt the saplings. One sapling was taken by the National Museum of Prehistory (NMPH), which will plant it beside its bus shelter. When it grows into a tree it will provide leafy shade for visitors waiting for their bus.

The Takeshi Kaneshiro tree brings in a lot of business for Chihshang Towship, but the typhoon toppled it, completely uprooting it. Chen went to check the situation out as soon as the news broke, and on seeing the branches and leaves of the upturned tree splayed out in the rice fields, and the Bishop Wood seeds in the soil, thought that if the tree itself could not be saved, it might still be possible to grow the seeds and plant them where the tree had once been. As it turned out, the tree survived, and Chen was also able to grow three saplings from the seeds. There was no room in Chen’s own yard for a Bishop Wood tree, so they were put up for adoption among friends. They were all spoken for within five minutes of posting the message.

One person, surnamed Fan, who adopted one of the saplings, said that while Bishop Wood trees were quite common, not many people could say they have one grown from the seeds of the original Takeshi Kaneshiro tree, so they quickly put their name down to adopt one of the saplings, and will look after the child of the Takeshi Kaneshiro tree as best they can.


1. topple v. 使倒塌 (shi2 dao3 ta1)

例: The stack of books was top-heavy and toppled over.


2. retrieve v. 取回 (qu3 hui2)

例: The computer hard drive died. I don’t think I can retrieve the work I did yesterday.


3. selflessness n. 無私 (wu2 si1)

例: Nobody likes a selfish person. Selflessness is a virtue.


The NMPH, another of the adoptive parents, will plant the sapling to the side of the museum’s new bus shelter, in the same spirit of selflessness of the person that had grown the Takeshi Kaneshiro tree sapling in the first place, and bring this to the museum. Visitors waiting for their bus will be able to relax under the tree. The museum might also consider setting up a tea area there, to provide an additional service that will make it extra special.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Paul Cooper)






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