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Monkey selfie ignites a copyright dispute

Sri Lankan temple monkeys are pictured in Dambulla, Sri Lanka on Aug. 29.

Photo: AFP

Monkey see, monkey do. But when a monkey takes a selfie, who owns the copyright?

Photographer David Slater complained that Wikipedia rejected his requests for some such images to be removed from the Web site. He said he owns the copyright to the images of crested black macaque monkeys, which were taken in the Indonesian jungle in 2011.

Slater told the BBC that although the monkeys pressed the button, he had set the self-portraits up by framing them and setting the camera on a tripod.

But Wikimedia Foundation argued that Slater did not own the copyright to the photos because he did not take the images.

It said no one owned the copyright to the images, because under US law, “copyright cannot vest in non-human authors” — the monkeys in this case.

“When a work’s copyright cannot vest in a human, it falls into the public domain. We believe that to be the case here,” the group said in a statement.

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1. selfie n.

自拍(照) (zi4 pai1 zhao4)

例: She is a selfie-lover and has taken many selfies of herself.


2. Monkey see, monkey do. idiom

有樣學樣;盲從 (you3 yang4 xue2 yang4; mang2 cong2)

例: David takes after his father. Monkey see, monkey do.


3. vest v.

授予權力財產 (shou4 yu3 quan2 li4 cai2 chan3)

例: The Constitution vests the president with executive power.


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