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Nantou farmers hold annual beauty queen legs contest
南投美人腿公主 埔里姑娘封后

Second place winner Chen Yi-hsin, Nantou County commissioner representative Chen Chih-ching, first place winner Liao Chia-chi, Grandma Chen Chou, and third place winner Chen Wan-yun, from right to left, pose during the announcement ceremony of the 2014 Nantou County beauty queen legs contest in Puli County on May 11.

Photo: Chen Feng-li, Liberty Times

The 2014 Nantou County beauty queen legs festival ended last week. The most popular festival event by far is the beauty queen legs contest. Eighteen-year-old Puli Township native Liao Chia-chi claimed victory this year. The winner in the overseas division was He Zhengzheng, from Lishui City in China’s Zhejiang Province. The Puli Farmers’ Association says that the top three winners in the overseas division will not need to fulfill any volunteer obligations. The association does, however, believe that they will help promote Puli Township’s wild rice stems in their respective countries upon returning home.

This year’s beauty queen legs contest restored the overseas division to the competition. A total of 90 people signed up for the contest. Eighty-two of the hot leg contenders were belles from across the nation. Last year was the only year that the overseas division was canceled. This year there were eight foreign contestants, including six from Lishui City in China’s Zhejiang Province, one Mongolian and one Malaysian.

During the preliminary round of the contest two weeks ago, 14 girls were selected to take part in the final round. Due to the small number of girls in the overseas division, however, a final round was held directly on the morning of May 11. The association held an event on the morning of May 10, with sexy mothers and some of the beauty queen leg contenders strutting their stuff at the association’s headquarters, to attract more residents to come to the final round to show their support for the contestants. Afterwards, trams and jeeps drove around town promoting the event.

After much intense competition, the top three winners of the Nantou beauty queen legs contest were selected — Liao Chia-chi, Chen Yi-hsin and Chen Wan-yun respectively. The champion, Liao, is a local student at the Affiliated Senior High School of National Chi Nan University, allowing the crown to remain at home and Puli residents to keep their dignity. The top three winners were given NT$50,000, NT$20,000 and NT$10,000. The champion also received an opportunity to work at the association for one year. If she is not interested, the opportunity is given to the second place winner, the third place winner, or any of the other finalists in that order.


1. victory n.

勝利 (sheng4 li4)

例: Pundits are predicting a victory for the party in the primaries.


2. fulfill v.

履行;實現 (lu3 xing2; shi2 xian4)

例: She has finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a veterinarian.


3. strut stuff idiom

炫耀;賣弄 (xuan4 yao4; mai4 nong4)

例: You should be out there on the dance floor strutting your stuff.


In the overseas division, He came in first place, while another gorgeous Zhejiang native, Ye Shuhan, came in second and Nomin-erdene from Mongolia came in third place. They were also given cash prizes of NT$50,000, NT$20,000 and NT$10,000 respectively. He and Ye donated their winnings to a local charity run by an elderly woman named Chen Chou, who was also there on stage to receive the money and thank the winners.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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