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Taiwan college students take the gold at international culinary competition
新加坡廚藝賽 弘光科大奪三金

Three students from Tatung Institute of Technology pose in Chiayi County on April 17 with the gold medals they won at Singapore’s international FHA 2014 Culinary Challenge two weeks ago.

Photo: Wang Shan-yen, Liberty Times

Students from Greater Taichung’s Hungkuang University took home three gold, one silver and two bronze medals at Singapore’s international FHA 2014 Culinary Challenge two weeks ago. Successfully setting a new record for the school and for Taiwan, it makes the school the nation’s most successful participant in the competition. Among the students, college senior Lo Chi-chang won a gold medal in the Asian meal category with his Chinese cabbage dumplings, which were inspired by the National Palace Museum’s famous Jadeite Cabbage with Insects.

Singapore’s FHA Culinary Challenge is held every two years. It is Asia’s largest culinary competition. More than 800 contestants from 15 countries competed in the event this year. At the previous competition two years ago, Hungkuang University took two silver and two bronze medals home. During winter break this year the students underwent group training, which apparently paid off — they took home three gold, one silver and two bronze medals this year.

Since the competition rules stipulate that all dishes must have Asian characteristics, Lo used the National Palace Museum’s much treasured Jadeite Cabbage with Insects as inspiration for his translucent green Chinese cabbage dumplings. The remarkably lifelike dish was able to win Lo a gold medal in the Asian meal category

Lin Hung-en made a chocolate cake design that was based on a sculpture of a black parent and child that had impressed him. Lin received a gold medal in the desserts category for his cake and a bronze medal in the pastries showpiece category. Another student named Lo Chi won a gold medal in the pioneering Asian meal category with his deconstructed traditional three-cup chicken dish, which consisted of chicken breast and wings marinated in Shaoxing wine, fried and then grilled to lock in the meat’s succulent flavor, and then sesame oil, slices of ginger, garlic and scallions were added as side dishes and sauce.


1. pay off v. phr.

帶來好結果;成功;行得通 (dai4 lai2 hao3 jie2 guo3; cheng2 gong1; xing2 de5 tong1)

例: Practicing has really paid off. You played that entire concerto without making any mistakes.


2. pastry n.

糕點 (gao1 dian3)

例: Baklava is a popular Mediterranean pastry.


3. succulent adj.

多汁美味的 (duo1 zhi1 mei3 wei4 de5)

例: The succulent steak seemed to melt in their mouths.


Ting Po-jen made a local Southeast Asian-inspired lobster with lemongrass, lemon juice and butter, cooking with various methods, including grilling over fire, frying in oil and then slowly boiling, to bring out the different flavors. Ting won the bronze medal in the plated appetizers category and a silver medal in the hot plated seafood dish category.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)







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