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Zengwen Reservoir nearly waterless
久旱不雨 曾文水庫快見底

The dry bottom of part of Tsengwen Reservoir in Greater Tainan is pictured on March 27.

Photo: Wu Chun-feng, Liberty Times

A long dry spell with little or no rain has Zengwen Reservoir’s water storage levels at 13 percent of total capacity, with large areas of bare silt showing throughout the lake. Pleasure boats and shuttle boats can no longer berth at the Dapu Township pier, having quite an impact on the daily life of some locals. Residents and students in Yongle Village heading downtown or trying to get to and from school have to spend three or four times the amount of time commuting. The horrendous suffering of locals has them anxiously awaiting a timely rainfall that would help alleviate the predicament — the reservoir’s dearth of water.

Even though there has been no shortage of fronts in the Chiayi area since the beginning of the year, the rain has been concentrated in areas outside the Zengwen Reservoir catchment area, with only a minuscule amount of water benefiting the various reservoirs. As of Tuesday last week, more than 64 million tonnes of water were left in the reservoir storage — 20 million tonnes less than the same period last year. Water supplied to residents in the Chiayi area comes from Renyitan and Lantan reservoirs, which now only have a total storage of 10 million tonnes left. If it continues not to rain, Taiwan Water Corp will soon have to start implementing water rationing measures.

Zengwen Reservoir’s reduced water storage levels and the large areas of exposed silt have left farmers unable to use pipework rafts to go back and forth between their farms or transport agricultural products. The township office’s shuttle boat that runs four times daily between downtown Dapu and Yongle Village has also been forced to halt operations. The fishing platform built by the township office and privately run was also forced to shut down because the reservoir had run dry. The pleasure boats that originally ran between Lovers’ Park and Lakeside Park can no longer land on the bank due to the decreased water levels, leaving only the pier near the scenic overlook by the large dam for passengers to get on and off of the boats.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


1. dearth n.

缺乏;不足 (que1 fa2; bu4 zu2)

例: This dearth of information has left us in the dark on the matter.


2. minuscule adj.

微小的 (wei2 xiao3 de5)

例: The chemical is harmless in such minuscule amounts.


3. ration v.

限量供應 (xian4 liang4 gong1 ying4)

例: Sugar was rationed during the war.






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