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Russia launches ‘propaganda’ war over Ukraine

A woman walks past Ukrainian tanks which left the Crimean peninsula near the Crimean capital of Simferopol on March 31.

Photo: AFP

Russia launched an all-out propaganda campaign to whip up support for possible military action in Ukraine, as state media and ruling party officials claimed armed marauders were terrorizing the ex-Soviet nation.

Kremlin-controlled media aired footage aimed at discrediting the new Kiev authorities and rousing anger at alleged outrages perpetrated against the Russian-speaking population.

Russian television even announced it was cancelling live footage of the Oscars show to concentrate on Ukraine coverage.

“Our propaganda on state channels is really running wild,” commented former economy minister Andrei Nechayev on Twitter.

Fanning suspicions of international involvement in the Kiev protests, news channel Russia 24 aired a confession from a young Russian who claimed he was paid to serve as a sniper with opposition forces.

“There are mercenaries there ... they come from very different countries: the United States and Germany, they come wearing identical military uniforms,” he alleged.

He said he feared violent reprisals for his revelations, alleging that the protest leaders in Kiev would “just put people in a cellar and kill them.”

A Russia 24 anchor added a warning that “mercenaries are now going to Crimea. Their aims are clear enough, to provoke a new wave of the crisis and rob people on the sly.”












1. all-out adj.

竭力的;全面的 (jie2 li4 de5; quan2 mian4 de5)

例: The government has a responsibility to make an all-out effort to develop renewable energy.


2. discredit v.

敗壞…名聲;誹謗 (bai4 huai4 … ming2 sheng1; fei3 bang4)

例: She discredited his good name with ugly gossip.


3. on the sly idiom

偷偷地;詭秘地 (tou1 tou1 de5; gui3 mi4 de5)

例: The boys smoked in the bathroom on the sly.


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