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A : Have you ever been scammed during a job interview?

B : Yes, once I did an interview for an admin position and they kept trying to talk me into taking a sales position.

A : No. I mean a fake interview where you got scammed by fraudsters.

B : No, never, but that interview really made me feel swindled.

A : 你有參加面試,結果被詐騙的經驗嗎?

B : 有啊,我就遇過招募行政人員,到場後卻被一直鼓吹當業務的面試。

A : 我是指假面試真斂財的詐騙集團啦。

B : 那倒沒有,但那次面試真的讓我有受騙的感覺。

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