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Five hottest tech items for Lunar New Year
過年電子商品 這五項最夯

Apple’s new iPad Air, left, and iPad Mini tablets are pictured in San Francisco, California on Oct. 22 last year.
這張去年十月二十二日攝於加州舊金山蘋果公司的照片,呈現新iPad Air(左)與iPad Mini平板電腦。

Photo: AFP

Apple’s iPad mini Retina and iPhone 5S, Microsoft’s Xbox One with Kinect 2, Lenovo’s Yoga tablet, and Nike+FuelBand SE were set to be the five top-selling technology devices ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, according to the prediction of one technology hardware analyst.

根據一名科技硬體分析師的預測,蘋果公司iPad mini Retina視網膜螢幕與iPhone 5S、微軟公司的Xbox One隨附Kinect2、聯想的Yoga平板電腦與Nike+FuelBand SE將會視春節期間最熱銷的五項高科技裝置。

Kirk Yang, a leading analyst at Barclays Capital, said tech products that enjoy thriving sales during the Christmas shopping season in Western countries tend to see similar frenzied buying during the Lunar New Year holiday in Chinese-speaking societies.


Taiwanese companies in the supply chains for those tech items are also expected to benefit from the coming shopping spree, he said.


Meanwhile, Franklin Templeton Investments said future technological innovations must be able to simultaneously satisfy demands for medical use, social networking and daily consumption.


The company forecast that 3D printing technology, cloud-powered wearable devices, devices running on the “Internet of Things,” and large flexible display installations will be the most popular exhibits at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show to be held in Las Vegas Jan. 7 to 10.


The following are excerpts from a special report in the Monday Dec. 30 edition of the Commercial Times on popular tech gifts for the Lunar New Year festival:


The iPad mini Retina is expected to emerge as the top-selling tech device during the Lunar New Year holiday for the second consecutive year.

iPad mini Retina視網膜螢幕預期將會二度蟬聯春節假期最熱賣的科技裝置。

In addition to its high-resolution Retina display and weight of just 331 grams, the iPad mini has another attraction — its plentiful storage space. The 128GB version can store a large quantity of data, meeting the needs of movie-lovers.

除了高畫質視網膜顯示器與重量僅三百三十一公克外,這款iPad mini還有另一個誘因—其超大記憶體容量。128GB的機型可以儲存大量資料並滿足電影咖的需求。

The Xbox One has seen booming sales since its launch, with more than 2 million units sold in its first 15 days on the market. Its biggest attraction lies in its ability to connect with the Kinect 2 control device to offer a new level of interactive functionality.

Xbox One自從發表至今銷售量大好,銷售的首十五天就市場上賣出兩百萬台。其最吸引人之處是可以連結Kinect 2控制裝置,提升互動功能以達到一個新體驗。

Lenovo’s Yoga tablet, meanwhile, outspecs Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX with its battery life of 16 hours. The 10-inch version boasts an 18-hour battery life.

聯想擁有十六小時蓄電力的Yoga平板銷售成績優於Google的Nexus 7與亞馬遜的Kindle Fire HDX。而其十吋機型蓄電力可提升到十八小時。

The Nike+FuelBand has also emerged as a popular item as it can track how many calories the wearer burns on the way to work, in addition to all the traditional functions of a wristwatch.

Nike +FuelBand也榮登熱門商品之一。這款商品除了所有傳統手表該有的功能外,還可以記錄配戴者在上班途中所消耗的卡路里。

Lastly, the iPhone 5S is expected to attract iPhone 4S users as their two-year contracts come to an end, given the new device’s lighter build, faster features and fingerprint reader.

最後,iPhone 5S預期將會吸引兩年約期滿的iPhone 4S客群。新機將更輕、運作快,並有指紋辨識功能。



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