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France protests Amazon UK ban on foie gras

Employees work on a foie gras production line at a factory in Saint-Michel, eastern France on Nov. 26 last year.

Photo: AFP

France on Oct. 7 last year criticized a decision by Amazon to ban the sale of foie gras on its British Web site, following an animal rights campaign accusing producers of the delicacy of “un-British” cruelty.

Activists have for years campaigned against the sale of foie gras, saying the practice of force-feeding ducks or geese in order to make the French gourmet item is cruel.

“I regret Amazon’s decision,” Guillaume Garot, France’s minister for agribusiness, said.

Foie gras is hugely popular in France, where it is eaten at Christmas and on other special occasions, but ongoing controversy over production of the delicacy has given it a bad name in other parts of the world.

The sale of foie gras has been outlawed in California, while Britain’s House of Lords has taken it off the menu.

Garot said he was nevertheless “very confident” about the future of the foie gras industry, which employs nearly 100,000 people directly and indirectly in France.

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1. delicacy n.

佳餚;美味 (jia1 yao2; mei3 wei4)

例: The hotel offers the delicacies of the seasons.


2. outlaw v.


(shi3...cheng2 fei1 fa3; jin4 zhi3)

例: The new restriction outlaws drunk driving.


3. nevertheless adv.

不過;還是 (bu2 guo4; hai2 shi4)

例: He succeeded nevertheless.


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