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A : Some companies provide internships without pay. Do you think that’s reasonable?

B : Different people have different opinions, but it’s a good opportunity for people who have no work experience.

A : But some companies take advantage of these green hands’ ambitions, selfishly hiring them to work for free.

B : Those types of companies can’t keep good employees.

A : 有些公司提供不支薪的實習工作,你認為合理嗎?

B : 這見仁見智,但對沒工作經驗的新鮮人來說,這是一個難得的機會。

A : 但有些公司利用新鮮人的上進心,打著利用免費員工的算盤。

B : 這樣的公司留不住好員工。

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