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Family thanks Matsu for waking daughter from coma after removal of brain tumor
腦瘤女甦醒 母送金牌謝媽祖

A CT scan of a person’s brain tumor on May 25 last year.

Photo: Tsai Shu-yuan, Liberty Times

A woman in Greater Tainan surnamed Lai had a primary astrocytoma, a type of cancer of the brain, which paralyzed one side of her face and made her mouth crooked. After going to China Medical University Beigang Hospital in Yunlin County for treatment she has gradually recovered. Lai’s family firmly believes that it was Matsu, the goddess of the sea, who saved and protected her. They prepared a golden plaque last week to be placed in the hospital to show their appreciation.

Chuang Hau-yu, head of neurosurgery at the hospital, says that Lai was completely comatose when she arrived at the hospital. A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) scan determined that the coma was caused by a brain tumor more than 5cm in diameter located in her left thalamus, which was putting pressure on her brainstem. The hospital immediately arranged for surgery, which was successful.

Lai remained in a coma well after the surgery, which was quite perplexing for her loving and caring mother, who decided to ask Matsu if she should transfer her daughter to another hospital. After throwing divination blocks (jiao), Lai’s mother never got a “yes” block, so she asked the goddess if she should keep her daughter at the same hospital, and ended up getting a shengjiao, or divine answer position, three times in a row, so she decided to keep her daughter at the hospital for treatment.

Lai came out of the coma four months after surgery (at the end of September last year), and after more than a year of combined Chinese and Western medical treatment, her overall condition improved. She went from being completely paralyzed to being able to sit in a wheelchair.

Lai’s mother is grateful to the medical team from the hospital’s department of neurosurgery and to Matsu for giving her the faith to stay, so she made a golden plaque to express her gratitude to Matsu for providing her a clear path to follow and allowing her daughter a new lease on life.


1. appreciation n.

感謝;欣賞 (gan3 xie4; xin1 shang3)

例: How shall I ever show my appreciation?


2. perplex v.

使困惑;使費解 (shi3 kun4 huo4; shi3 fei4 jie3)

例: He was perplexed by her questions.


3. a new lease on life idiom

延年益壽;活得更帶勁 (yan2 nian2 yi4 shou4; huo2 de5 geng4 dai4 jin4)

例: The operation was a complete success and has given her a new lease on life.


Ho Tsung-jung, head of Chinese medicine at the hospital, says that there are specific acupuncture techniques in Chinese medicine for waking people up after major brain surgeries, which help the brain rejuvenate and rehabilitate. If a person has weak qi (the invisible life force or energy that according to traditional Chinese medicine resides in every living thing), it can be supplemented, Ho says, adding that if a wound is inflamed Chinese medicine can be used together with Western medicine. This unique method of combined Chinese-Western medical treatment has allowed many people who have undergone major surgery to recover more quickly, serving as positive medical examples, Ho says.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)








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