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‘Hacker heroin frame plot’ foiled by security blogger

A man works on a computer as he participates in a hackers’ competition in Yokohama, Japan on Aug. 22.


A respected US-based Internet security expert says he has foiled an attempt to frame him as a heroin dealer.

Brian Krebs says the administrator of a Russian cybercrime forum hatched a plan to order heroin, arranged for it to be delivered to his home, and tipped off the police, making it look as if the call had come from a neighbor’s house.

Fortunately, Krebs was already monitoring the Web site and saw the plot being planned in real time. He alerted the FBI and local police.

“I am little concerned,” he told the BBC. “But then there are a lot of things people can do to upset you and get under your skin using a keyboard and few clicks of a mouse, but what’s the next level?”

The person behind the attempted plot, according to Krebs, set up a bitcoin wallet to accept donations of the digital currency from fellow forum members.

He raised about US$200 worth of bitcoins and used it to buy 12 small bags of heroin using the Silk Road online black market.

The package duly arrived at Krebs’s house, and he handed it over to the police.

This is just the latest example of a sustained smear campaign against Krebs orchestrated by hackers and cybercriminals disgruntled at his exposure of their antics.

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1. frame v.

陷害 (xian4 hai4)

例: It’s hard to believe that you were framed when all of the evidence points to you.


2. tip off v. phr.

告密 (gao4 mi4)

例: George tipped me off that somebody is trying to frame me.


3. get under one’s skin


惹惱;令人不耐煩 (re2 nao3; ling4 ren2 bu2 nai4 fan2)

例: His overbearing attitude really gets under my skin.


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