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Teachers of hearing-impaired kids receive awards for service
聽障兒與師說相聲 字正腔圓撼全場

Lai Chi-min, a teacher at the Children’s Hearing Foundation, left, and her hearing-impaired student Chen Chen-yu perform a comic dialogue at the 9th annual Model Educators of the Hearing Impaired Awards in Taipei on Sept. 28.

Photos: Chien Jung-feng, Taipei Times照片:自由時報記者簡榮豐

The winners of the 9th annual Model Educators of the Hearing Impaired were announced on Sept. 28. Lai Chi-min, a teacher from the Children’s Hearing Foundation in Yilan County, brought an eight-year-old girl named Chen Chen-yu who has severe hearing loss to attend the function. The two of them performed Chinese comic dialogue on stage together. Chen, who has cochlear implants in her ears, spoke with impeccable elocution and rapidly spun off comic dialogue passages, making for a consummate performance that astonished the entire audience.

Coinciding with Teachers’ Day in Taiwan, 10 teachers were chosen to be part of the Model Educators of the Hearing Impaired Awards on Sept. 28. Lai, who currently serves as a teacher at the Children’s Hearing Foundation, was among the winners.

Lai says that Chen has severe hearing loss in both her ears and was unable hear any sounds prior to coming to the foundation. After getting cochlear implants at the age of two, Chen began receiving hearing therapy and playing educational games at the foundation. In the beginning, she was only able to mumble a few unintelligible sounds, but now she is able to express herself in the same way that the average person does, and can even perform comic dialogue with perfect pronunciation.

Room for improvement is greatly increased when a child’s hearing impairment is discovered, treated and aided early on, Lai says, adding that the key to making smooth improvements lies in whether the parents are devoted and care enough about helping their hearing-impaired child.(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)



1. impeccable adj.


(wu2 xie4 ke3 ji1 de5; wu2 que1 dian3 de5)

例: Your cooking is impeccable. You could be a chef at a five-star restaurant.


2. coincide v.


(tong2 shi2 fa1 sheng1)

例: I got lucky this time. My birthday coincides with the holiday.


3. unintelligible adj.


(nan2 li2 jie3 de5; hui4 se4 nan2 dong3 de5)

例: She got so drunk that everything she said was unintelligible.






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