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Broccoli slows arthritis, researchers think

A volunteer collects broccoli at a farm on the outskirts of Olhao, southern Portugal on Dec. 14 last year.

Photo: AFP

Eating lots of broccoli may slow down and even prevent osteoarthritis, UK researchers believe. The University of East Anglia team is starting human trials following on from successful lab studies.

Tests on cells and mice showed that a broccoli compound blocked a key destructive enzyme that damages cartilage.

They are asking 20 patients to eat a daily dose of broccoli. Our body takes this glucoraphanin compound and turns it into another, called sulforaphane, which appears to protect the joints.

The volunteers will have two weeks on the diet before going under the knife to have their badly arthritic knees repaired by surgeons. Rose Davidson and her team will look at the tissue that has been removed to see what impact, if any, the broccoli has had.

(Liberty Times)







1. slow down v. phr.

減緩;放輕鬆 (jian2 huan3; fang4 qing1 song1)

例: The doctor has told him to slow down or he’ll have a heart attack.


2. block v.

阻擋;妨礙 (zu2 dang3; fang2 ai4)

例: A group of politicians blocked the proposal.


3. appear v.

似乎;看起來好像 (si4 hu1; kan4 qi3 lai2 hao3 xiang4)

例: Things aren’t always what they appear to be.


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