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New York surgeon offering plastic surgery in exchange for dream

A view of fog over the New York skyline is seen from the One World Trade Center during sunrise in New York on May 10.

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Dr. Emil Chynn — New York’s pickiest bachelor — is still looking for love, and in unique ways.

After finding little success when he posted a personal ad in the Spring 2012 issue of Columbia University’s alumni magazine, offering a $10,000 charitable donation for an introduction to the right woman, the Ivy League-educated surgeon has a new offer — hook him up and he will fix you up.

Chynn, who runs a Park Avenue LASEK eye surgery practice is now offering cosmetic procedures to those who can find him the right lady.

The good doctor will shell out US$100 for finding him a first date. If there is a second date you could receive free eyelash-enhancer Latisse or US$200.

On the chance a third date should take place, Chynn would offer free Botox or US$300; free Juvederm injections or US$400 for the elusive fourth date, and free LASEK surgery on one eye worth US$2,000 or US$500 cash for that magical fifth date.

(Liberty Times)








1. picky adj.


(tiao1 ti4 de5; chui1 mao2 qiu2 ci1 de5)

例: She is picky about everything.


2. hook up v. phr.


(he2…you3 lian2 xi4; fa1 sheng1 guan1 xi1)

例: Can you hook me up with your friends?


3. fix up v. phr.


(xiu1 bu3; an1 pai2; jie3 jue2)

例: They must try to fix up their differences.


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