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For Philadelphia bicyclist, cat is co-pilot
費城單車騎士 貓是副駕駛

A man rides his bicycle with a cat on his shoulder next to Saint Peter’s Square in Rome, Italy on March 7.

Photo: Reuters

For bicyclist Rudi Saldia, you could say a cat is his co-pilot.

Saldia often buzzes around Philadelphia with his year-old feline Mary Jane perched on his shoulder. Their urban adventures have turned heads on the street and garnered big hits on YouTube.

The 26-year-old bike courier did not intend to become Internet-famous. He originally shot footage of the outings only to prove to his mom that he was taking Mary Jane — nicknamed MJ — for a spin.

Saldia used a GoPro sports camera mounted on his bike to capture images of him and MJ, a brown and black tabby with bright yellow eyes. She seems to take the trips in stride, even nuzzling her owner as he pedals, though she gets a bit spooked by sirens and buses.

“She enjoys seeing everything and having the wind blow in her ears, especially being an indoors cat. This is really her only time outside,” he said. “On the shoulder, she loves it. She’s in total zen mode.”









1. perch v.

暫棲;飛落 (zan4 qi1; fei1 luo4)

例: The bird sat perched on the wire all afternoon.


2. garner v.

獲得 (huo4 de2)

例: The concessions have garnered her much needed support in the upcoming election.


3. spook / v.

嚇到 (xia4 dao4)

例: Investors are spooked since the merger fell through.


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