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Twitter briefly blocks Tutu

Former archbishop Desmond Tutu waves after receiving the Templeton Prize in London on May 21.

Photo: Reuters

Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu had his Twitter account briefly suspended for “aggressively following” other users, just hours after it was launched.

The ex-archbishop’s @TutuLegacy account racked up hundreds of followers in its first hours of use, before being blacklisted.

“Twitter says it’s sorry for the inconvenience over our suspension. We got caught up in a spam cleanup. Glad it wasn’t something we said,” Tutu tweeted soon after he was unblocked.

His foundation had earlier expressed dismay at the decision. “Twitter has not explained how following 30 people could be construed as ‘aggressive following,’” it said in a statement.

“I hope the powers that be at Twitter find it in their hearts to fix the problem and let us communicate again,” Tutu’s daughter Mpho said. “We need to reassure all those people who started following us today that this is the real deal!”









1. rack up v. phr.

累積;積聚 (lei3 ji1; ji1 ju4)

例: The company has racked up huge losses.


2. powers that be idiom


(zu3 zhi1 huo4 zheng4 fu3 de5 zhang3 quan2 zhe3)

例: The students wanted to have a big party, but the powers that be didn’t approve.


3. the real deal idiom

真的;本尊;正牌貨 (zhen4 de5; ben3 zun1; zheng4 pai2 huo4)

例: That guy looked so much like Elvis that I almost thought he was the real deal.


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