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Castro speech scolds islanders for bad behavior

Raul Castro attends
the inauguration of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela on April 19.

Photo: AFP

Raul Castro spent the lion’s share of a prominent speech scolding his countrymen for all kinds of bad behavior — everything from corruption and theft to public urination and the odoriferous practice of raising pigs in cities.

Speaking before legislators at one of parliament’s twice-annual sessions, the Cuban president railed against decaying morals, a deteriorating sense of civic responsibility and vanishing values like honor, decency and decorum. Castro aired a laundry list of complaints about illegal activities that he said do the country harm — unauthorized home construction, illicit logging and slaughter of livestock and the acceptance of bribes, to name a few.

He also fulminated against baser examples of “social indiscipline” — shouting and swearing in the streets, public drinking and drunk driving, dumping trash on the roadside and even people who relieve themselves in parks.

At times, the 82-year-old’s speech sounded like a generational broadside against disrespectful youth who do as they please, a diatribe that could have crossed the lips of many a grandfather.








1. lion’s share idiom

最大的部分 (zui4 da4 de5 bu4 fen4)

例: I earn a lot, but the lion’s share goes for taxes.


2. laundry list n. phr.

冗長的細目清單 (rong3 chang2 de5 xi4 mu4 qing1 dan1)

例: She described a laundry list of goals for the city’s schools.


3. broadside n.

猛烈的口頭或文字抨擊;謾罵 (meng3 lie4 de5 kou3 tou2 huo4 wen2 zi4 peng1 ji2; man4 ma4)

例: He launched a broadside against the economic reforms.


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