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Bradley Manning’s mother: My son is ‘Superman’

A rugby fan dressed as the comic character Superman speaks on a mobile phone during the last day of a rugby tournament in Hong Kong on March 24.

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In a rare interview, the British mother of US soldier Brad- ley Manning has urged her son not to give up hope, even as he faces up to 136 years in prison for disclosing hundreds of thousands of secret US documents.

In comments published by the Mail last week, Susan Manning said he should know she considered him her “Superman.” “Never give up hope, son,” she was quoted as saying. “I know I may never see you again, but I know you will be free one day. I pray it is soon.”

Susan Manning, a 59-year-old from Wales, had not given an interview in years. She is divorced from her son’s father, Brian, and the Mail said she suffered from unspecified health problems.

Manning’s parents have largely stayed out of the spotlight since transparency group WikiLeaks began publishing the documents leaked to it by the 25-year-old army private.

The soldier was convicted last month on a slew of charges, including Espionage Act violations, but was acquitted of the most serious charge, aiding the enemy.









1. spotlight n.

聚光燈;公眾焦點 (ju4 guang1 deng1; gong1 zhong4 jiao1 dian3)

例: She really stole the spotlight last night.


2. slew n.

許多 (xu3 duo1)

例: He already has a slew of friends.


3. acquit v.

宣告…無罪 (xuan1 gao4...wu2 zui4)

例: He was acquitted on two of the charges.


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