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Dog tag returned to US veteran after 69 years

A man takes a photo of an American World War II bomber in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Aug. 3.

Photo: Reuters

A World War II veteran has been reunited with his dog tag nearly 70 years after he lost it in a field in France.

Irving Mann, 88, was serving in the 90th Infantry Division in Nazi-occupied France in 1944.

He was recently contacted by a French woman who claimed to have found his dog tag in her barley field, but was initially skeptical.

However, a series of email exchanges between Mann’s daughter-in-law and the French woman, Sophie LaFollie, eventually convinced him after she relayed the serial number on the tag — 42023412.

Mann, a jewelry store owner in New York, said his unit had dug in near the village of Rethel in 1944 and traded rations for eggs from a nearby farmhouse.

He added that he was unsure how he lost the dog tag, although it could have happened while he dug foxholes.

(Liberty Times)









1. initially adv.

起初地 (qi3 chu1 de5)

例: She came initially to spend a few days, but in the end she stayed for a whole month.


2. dig in idiom

挖洞 (wa1 dong4)

例: The soldiers dug in 20km outside the encampment.


3. trade for v. phr.

交換 (jiao1 huan4)

例: Mary traded her old branded handbag for a new dress with her friend.


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