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Climate change to wipe out rarest cat

An Iberian lynx is pictured in southern Spain on Dec. 14, 2009.

Photo: AFP

Within 50 years, climate change will probably wipe out the world’s most endangered feline, the Iberian lynx, even if the world meets its target for curbing carbon emissions, biologists said.

The gloomy forecast, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, says that without a dramatic shift in conservation strategy, the charismatic little wildcat seems doomed.

The lynx grows to about a meter in length, weighs up to 15kg, and is characterized by its spotted, beige fur, pale yellow eyes and tufted ears and cheeks.

Only around 250 of the animals live in the wild, holed up in two regions in southern Spain, the Sierra Morena and the Donana National Park, according to estimates published last year.

In just half a century, its range has shrunk from 40,600km2 to 1,200km2, driven by efforts to wipe out the rabbit, its main food, as well as poaching and fragmentation of its grassland-and-forest mixed habitat.

The new study models the impact of rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns on habitat, rabbits and lynxes. On current trends, the changes will occur too fast for the lynx to adapt, it suggests.










1. wipe out v. phr.

徹底摧毀;消滅 (che4 di3 cui1 hui3; xiao1 mie4)

例: The mass killing of dogs is not the way to wipe out rabies.


2. doomed adj.

注定失敗的;氣數已盡的 (zhu4 ding4 shi1 bai4 de5; qi4 shu4 yi3 jin4 de5)

例: The regime is doomed.


3. hole up v. phr.

蟄居;留宿 (zhi2 ju1; liu2 su4)

例: I can hole up with my friend for a couple of days.


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